Philip Buzard

June 14 (View Obit Here)




For the Week



We are thankful Rick had a clear PET scan this week and his cancer remains in remission. Praise God! (Pam Noll)


For Pastor Dan celebrating his birthday on Monday, June 29.  We are so thankful for his leadership!


For the FPC Kids Summer Series, “Love Thy Neighbor.”  Each week children and their parents are encouraged to find new ways to love those in their home, outside their door, in the neighborhood, and in the world.


For our summer interns, Claire Myers (Family Ministry Intern),  Julia Snyder (Returning to Worship Intern), Julia Wilson (Mission Partnership Intern), and Megan Kiel (Video Production & Social Media Intern).


For the good work of our communications team in process of creating a new website and branding that will strengthen our online presence.


For C.A.R.E. (Central American Relief Efforts is a Lancaster, PA-based humanitarian aid organization) partnering with Penn Manor School District, and Rotary to donate desks to Honduras school children.


Collaboration and creativity of Mission Task Force enabled this to happen.   So thankful!


For all those working on a plan to make our online church experience more accessible.


For opportunity to vacation in safe ways.





For a husband recently diagnosed with a rare soft tissue sarcoma cancer stage IV. Next week begins first round of chemotherapy.


For ML recovering from surgery for diverticulitis.


For Jo recovering from surgery to remove skin cancer.


For Jim recovering from heart surgery.

For Bruce recovering from a fall.


My brother Mark begins chemotherapy this week, the third step in a treatment program designed to fight prostate cancer that has spread to his pelvic bone. I ask for emotional and physical strength for him as he begins this leg of his journey and for healing as the chemo works in his body. (Karen Bennett)


Prayers for my sister, Ellie, and brother-in-law, Al. Al lost his job on Friday. Prayers as they sell their home, look for jobs and move. Also praying for them to come to know the Lord. (Sue Young)


For the comfort of our family. We have lost our 22-year-old nephew to his battle with drug addiction by a drug overdose. (Jessica Pond)


For Henry’s son recently diagnosed with cancer; for successful surgery in July.

For healing for Sally; for husband Bill as he is not able to see her in skilled care.


For all those who have been separated for months from spouses who live in skilled care or assisted living.


For Linda grieving the loss of her husband.

For a friend’s husband, Scott diagnosed with a rare heart cancer. He received a pacemaker and will begin chemo soon.  (Kathy Miller)


For comfort for the family of Alyssa (cousin of our son in law Michael) who passed away in her late 20s. (Sue Young)


For Ian, who has felt a very strong calling to the Black Lives Matter movement.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would equip him with the ability to listen well and deeply; wisdom to know when and how to speak; and the motivation to act from a place of love.  May the Holy Spirit bring about lasting change for people of color today and in all the days ahead.  Please also pray for Ian's wife, Rebecca, who works long and difficult hospital shifts; for safety, joy, rest, and stamina. (Rila Hackett)


For our church leaders to have wisdom in planning in person worship services.



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